Summer Road Trip Guide

Summer Road Trips: Before You Go

Before you head out on your summer road trip be sure to do the following:

  • Plan your journey: Ensure you pack a road map and plan your route before you start driving. Think about where you are traveling and what extra equipment you might need.
  • Tire pressure: Ensure your tires are neither over nor under inflated. Adjust the tire pressure if necessary depending on the amount of weight you may be carrying.
  • Tire tread and condition: Summer temperatures heat up tires and can aggravate any existing damage to the rubber so check you have the legal tire tread depth and look out for any existing damage that may need attention.
  • Engine oil and coolant levels: Ensure these are topped off to maintain the condition of your engine.
  • Check lights: It is essential that you check all lights including brake lights to ensure they are working and clear of dirt, which may make them hard to see by other drivers.
  • Check fluid levels: Do not fill your fuel tank to the brim as heat expansion during the summer months could cause a fuel leak.

In all seasons, it is important that you carry an emergency kit in your vehicle, including; torch, water, high visibility vest and blankets.

Happy & Safe Summer Road Tripping!

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