Securing the Best Value on Your Auto Trade In

So you’re car note is paid off; and you’re considering an upgrade. Five easy steps enhance the trade in value car buying experience when you don’t have a lot of time…

Chesapeake Auto Dealer: Top Trade In Secrets

Check the going used car price.

Stop by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website to determine the asking price for a car of your quality.

Conduct auto sales research.

Does your car have an unresolved recall? If it does, don’t expect to set your asking price too high. Also, check out the local competition. Are there a lot of used car dealerships and private sellers offering similar vehicles? Note more supply, and small demand could reduce the value of the trade in.

Assess your trade in.

Next, if your car is well below the annual mileage; has not been involved in any accidents; and you have evidence of all maintenance (tire replacements, oil changes, other repairs), your trade in maybe worth a high value. But if your automobile has high mileage, a few dings and the maintenance has been spotty, don’t expect the NADA’s average used car price. Because a dealership will have to make a few repairs.

Preview the used car dealerships inventory.

Before valuing your trade in at a dealership, it’s always a good idea to inspect the inventory. You don’t want your trade in to be the best looking option, at the used car dealership.

Don’t forget to do your car buying research, comparing similar makes, models and used car prices.

Prep your car for the trade in.

Once you’ve settled on a used car dealership in Chesapeake or where ever, spruce up the car. Give it a good washing and interior clean. This will give your vehicle better curb appeal at the dealership.

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