Can Hackers Really Control Your Car?

Can hackers really control your car? Car hacking isn’t exactly a widespread danger yet, but researchers have shown that it’s possible. With more and more connected car technologies coming out every day, it’s worth thinking ahead about how to keep your vehicle safe and secure. The FBI and the NHTSA have shared a few common-sense tips to help drivers protect their cars from remote attack. Here’s what you can do!

How To Stop Your Car From Being Hacked

Be Smart About Software Updates – Keep your car’s software up to date, but don’t download any software update unless you’re sure it’s from the original manufacturer. Check the manufacturer’s official website or give them a call if you’re not sure whether you can trust a software update.

Stay Informed About Recalls – If a security problem is discovered, your car might need a recall repair in order to fix it. Just like any other safety recall, it’s important to stay informed and schedule your repair appointment right away.

Don’t Hack Your Own Car – In other words, never try to modify your car’s software yourself. This can harm the normal operation of your vehicle, and it can also make your car more vulnerable to a hacker’s attack.

Be Careful With Third-Party Devices – Don’t plug any third-party device into your car unless you know what it is. Be especially careful with devices that connect to the diagnostic port.

Be Aware of Who Has Physical Access To Your Car – This might go without saying, but physical safety and cyber-safety go hand in hand. Always lock your car, and be mindful of who else has access.

Car hacking is no reason to panic! Just like protecting your computer or your phone, it’s all about common-sense safety. Here at Little Joe’s Autos, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about your car’s technology and safety!

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