Car Shopping Tips

  1. That Car Sale Is Final

    fe_1024141_600You can’t take your new car back because you changed your mind about the color, or discovered it doesn’t have a feature you wanted. Be sure of your decision before you sign the sales contract.

  2. Best Time to Buy a Car

    fe_1024145_600If you’re in no rush to buy a car, the end of a model year is a great time to get a deal. So is the last week of December.

  3. Getting a Better Price on a Used Car

    fe_1024144_600Take a look at the window sticker sales price on a used car. If that is the only price displayed, you likely have some wiggle room in the price. If there’s a second sticker, you’ll have less luck.

  4. Learn Your New Car’s Features

    fe_1024142_600Sometimes people have their cars for years without realizing all the cool features they have. Get a good walk-through of your new car to know what it can do.

  5. Go for Certified Pre-Owned

    fe_1024143_600If you have the choice of a certified pre-owned car (CPO) or a non-CPO used car, go with the CPO. The selling price will likely be higher, but there are some significant advantages in having a CPO vehicle.

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